PE Polyethylene

The standard and original material in the industry, polyethylene is a strong foam core with great cell construction for durability. This unique blend of durable foam was also developed with great flex and recoil which is ideal for the manufacturing of high performance bodyboards.

PP Polypro

 This revolutionary polypropylene core is designed to specific densities and is 100% waterproof. Our exclusive blend of PP and substrate layer creates a lightweight core with maximum strength durability. This combination allows for maximum speed and projection but has just the right amount of flex creating a perfect balance for optimum performance.

Decks & Rails

Polyethylene Deck Skins (PDS)

The 8LB Polyethylene deck & rail material WCB uses on all its boards is the best grade of deck skin material used in the industry and is unmatched in projection and flex and response. PDS is an industry favorite and has been used for many years as it is an ideal surface with fast recoil and strength. It is also a natural lamination bonding partner with PE cores.

Filmed PDS

The 8LB polyethylene skin is the most preferred surface of deck and rail material used in the industry, but is not compatible as a bonding partner with polypro cores. WCB has developed exclusive technology to apply a substrate bonding layer to PDS, creating an exceptional bonding agent between PDS material and polypro cores. 



High Density Polyethylene slick bottom skin is the standard skin for PE cores and creates high performance bodyboards with excellent stiffness, projection, increased speeds, and flex retention.


Surlyn bottom skin material is lightweight, works well on polyethylene or polypro boards, and has the perfect amount of strength and flex for maximum speed and projection. Our exclusive filming process allows us to apply Surlyn to PE or PP. Available in a wide range of colors.


G Rods

These hollow plastic and graphite shafts are inserted into the core of flow and ocean bodyboards respectively. This combination provides perfect structural flex necessary for optimum performance and durability.

X Mesh  

This Plastic X Mesh layer is embedded into the core covering the entire bottom of the board to develop a unique balance of flex and stiffness. This combination provides added strength to provide optimum performance, help increase the life span of board, and prevent creasing.