Meet the WCB Team

We believe the best riders in the world should ride the best boards in the world, which is why we are proud to be represented by some of the most accomplished riders on the planet.

Team WCB is a collective of some of the world’s most elite bodyboarders all highly regarded for pushing the boundaries of high performance bodyboarding. This collective team has compiled more National, International and World Champions than all other brands combined.

Many athletes worldwide want to ride with us simply because our boards are designed for and provide peak performance. The world’s best ride World Class!  We are proud of the following dojo of factory WCB representatives for being just some of the industry’s most elite boarders and we know they are just as stoked to be part of one of the most emerging brands in the Flow industry.

Pro Team

Nick Sanchez flowboarding

Nick Sanchez, 3X US & 3X World Champ


Morgan Seabert flowboarding

Morgan Seabert, 3X US & 3X World Champ


Humaid Ad flowboarding

Humaid Ad, 3X UAE Champ & 3X World Finalist


Tyler Danek flowboarding

Tyler Danek, 7X US Champ


Nazri Salim flowboarding

Nazri Salim, 5X Asia Champ


Theo Koby flowboarding

Theo Koby


Matt Griffin flowboarding

Matt Griffin, 3X US Champ


Hayley Balderrama flowboarding

Hayley Balderrama, 6X US Champ


Andrew O'Connor flowboarding

Andrew O'Connor


Sean Beckwith flowboarding

Sean Beckwith, 2X US Champ


 Melanie Kelly flowboarding

Melanie Kelly, 2X World Champ


Dale Proctor flowboarding

Dale Proctor


Hasim Paputchi flowboarding

Hasim Paputchi, 2X US Champ


Mark Stansbury bodyboarding

Mark Stansbury, BIA Tour Champ


Sal F

Sal Fitisemanu


Factory Team

Cathy Seabert flowboarding

Cathy Seabert


Nicole Cantalupo flowboarding

Nicole Cantalupo


Austin Krause flowboarding

Austin Krause


Brandon Marks flowboarding

Brandon Marks


Cory Woods flowboarding

Cory Woods


Jon Burrows flowboarding

Jon Burrows


Mateo Hernandez flowboarding

Mateo Hernandez


Calvin Hickerson flowboarding

Calvin Hickerson


Jeremy Marks flowboarding

Jeremy Marks


Yanni Mafsoutis flowboarding

Yanni Mefsoutis


Kobe Dhanji flowboarding

Kobe Dhanji


Cameron Lodge flowboarding

Cameron Lodge


Jon Reese flowboarding

Jon Reese


Austin Ogule flowboarding

Austin Ogule


Noah Nelson flowboarding

Noah Nelson


Jake Nelson flowboarding

Jake Nelson


Matt Kitchen bodyboarding

Matt Kitchen


Kevin Broadley bodyboarding

Kevin Broadley